• Hylink HK

    Hylink HONG KONG is the subsidiary company of Greater China’s leading digital service agency: Hylink Digital Solutions. Since established in 1994, Hylink has been continuously expanded and grow into leading independent digital full-service agency in Greater China with full capability to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions in digital marketing.
    With our goal to provide seamless linkage to the market, Hylink is dedicated to build long term relations between our clients and their customers via our access and strategy to a large variety of marketing channels. With more than 24 years of experiences in the media marketing industry, our expertise, customized solutions and strategy deployment has fulfilled numerous clients’ needs and navigate them through the new adventures with business opportunities. These decades of establishments and trust from our clients have enabled us to expand beyond borders. Since 2014, the Hylink Korea office was founded, followed by the US, UK office. In 2016, Hylink Hong Kong was established as a bridge to connect business of China and other countries in APAC region. As we are facing the era of ever-changing market landscape, it is our mission to serve as a bridge for effective communication for brands across borders, providing outstanding integrated digital marketing solutions for industry-leading clients.
    Hylink HONG KONG, where we leverage our expertise and knowledge of the Chinese market. We provide integrated digital solution to our clients, combining planning, strategy, marketing and technology with instant responses to all challenges. We provide specialized marketing solution for the APAC clients who intend to grow their business in Greater China, as well as to the customers who are eager to expand their business across the Asia Pacific region.
    As industry’s leading marketing consultancy, Hylink HONG KONG provides one-stop integrated marketing solutions for our clients. Our key capability is to interconnect your core strategy with localized culture and marketing language in different regions of the world. We identify cultural sensitivity, perspective and deliver the right messages to your local audience to engage and share the vision of your brand. With strong supports from our greater China base, our clients are taking a unique advantage to access the market intelligence in various sectors, and giving us a strong advance on our role to accomplish this goal.
    With our 24 years of experiences in Chinese market and incomparable professional capacity in media buying, we strive for identifying the best strategy, planning and practice for our clients. For any overseas clients targeting the mass Chinese market, our extensive program is here to provide specific, localized and tailor made content products to realize your ambitious commercialization program in mainland China.
    Ice breaking
    Brand Consulting
    Customer Engagement
    Creative Channelling
    Business Expansion
    Diversified Planning
    We provide specific market insights and analysis of the market positioning of your brand.
    Content Localization
    Our specialists can help with your website development and app localization, as well as to tailor the main messages for your brand. that is most likely to increase sales in any specific market.
    Localizing allows businesses to pinpoint the exact marketing message that is most likely to increase sales in any specific market.
    Social Media and content marketing
    We provide comprehensive creative and design services to uniquely connect, identify and create content from your business that can be shared on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, Weibo and many more.
    We enhance your brand and customer experiences through structured and result-driven social media strategy, together mixed with the owned, earned and paid campaigns.
    Strive for the best advertising solution
    We increase the reach and ROI of your advertisements across multiple channels such as display and video ads on portal and vertical sites, programmatic, and mobile devices.
    Together with SEO and SEM strategy, our professional marketing management services are designed to continuously improve your campaign.
    Ecommerce Solution
    Through our joint partnerships, brand building and data solutions, our experiences with the Ecommerce Platform enable us to strongly build up and broaden your customer base.
    Our associating includes T-Mall, Taobao, JD and many others.
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    Eternal Love
    Before 2017, Estée Lauder was considered...

    Looking Up Challenges
    How often do you check your mobile in a day...

    A piece of cake
    Celebrating birthdays on social platforms...

    In The Middle Of The Year
    Double 11, or Singles' Day, is the largest...

    • Eternal Love
      Before 2017, Estée Lauder was considered...

    • Looking Up Challenges
      How often do you check your mobile in a day...

    • A piece of cake
      Celebrating birthdays on social platforms...

    • In The Middle Of The Year
      Double 11, or Singles' Day, is the largest...


    32B, MONTERY PLAZA, 15 Chong Yip St,
    Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


    32B, MONTERY PLAZA, 15 Chong Yip St,
    Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


    Hylink is the first domestic?information?technology?services company which focused on omni-channel marketing integration.

    • Hylink was first established in 1994 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Aug 2nd 2017 (Stock Code: 603825)
    • Leader in digital marketing with international recognition
    • Headquartered in Beijing with offices in major cities across China
    • Offices in Seoul, Los Angeles, New York and London as part of our Global network
    • Major business segments: information technology marketing service, media channel platform and IP marketing
    • Agency of The Year
      Delivered by CAAC at
      China International Advertising Festival
    • Asia-Pacific Most Effective Independent Agency No.1, 2016-2017 (Delivered by Effie Global)
      Greater China Most Effective Independent Agency Top 1, 2016-2018 (Delivered by Effie Greater China)
      Most Effective Agency Offices Top 3, 2016 (Delivered by Effie Greater China)
      Most Effective Agency Offices Top 2, 2017 (Delivered by Effie Greater China)
    • Digital Agency of The Year
      Local Agency of The Year
      Digital Creative Agency of The Year
      Delivered by ROI Festival
    • First Ranking Digital Agency
      Published by CI Week

    17F, Tower 1, Bright China Chang An Building, No.7 Jianguomennei Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing

    2-4F.,Tian An Center,338 West Nanjing Road,Huangpu District,Shanghai,China

    25F, Kingold Century, NO.62, Jinsui Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou,China

    21F, Tower B, Centralcon Investment Holding Center, Yuehai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,China

    Hong Kong
    32B, MONTERY PLAZA, 15 Chong Yip St, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong,China

    Seoul, South Korea

    Los Angeles, U.S.
    225 Santa Monica Boulevard, 8th Floor, Santa Monica, CA 9040

    New York, U.S.
    75 Varick Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10013

    The Shard, 25th Floor, London?SE1 9SG

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